Think about your most recent wall or ceiling paint job. Are you satisfied or love it?

And what makes the difference between a one that you are satisfied with and one that you love?

Time and effort.

satisfied or love itA good paint job reflects the time the painter took to prep.


Masking off windows, door frames, trim and other spots can be very time consuming, but well worth the effort when you see the results.

Cleaning the walls allows the primer and paint to adhere better and prevents bleed through later on.

Patch and repair cracks, holes, scratches and other imperfections.  Getting these taken care of at this stage will create a beautiful finished project. Make sure that the repairs match the current finish, whether it is smooth or textured.  There’s nothing like being able to see where someone did a poor repair job after you have painted.

The next step is priming.

Although there are some paints that come with their own primer, there are still only a very few that are saturated and opaque enough, with the right formulations to seal off previous imperfections to truly only require one coat. Using a primer that covers and seals off previous water stains, dark or bright colors, water seepage, and excess soaking in by the paint. It does what it says, primes the surface for a great finish.


Once the primer coat (or coats) have been applied, its finally time to put the final paint on. Cutting in around the edges with a slant brush and then filling in with the proper roller to match the texture and paint for a smooth and easy application. Apply enough paint to cause an even coat without dripping or uncovered patches.  And yes, even with a good primer, more than one coat may be necessary.  Make sure to give enough time in between to dry thoroughly, not rushing the process.

And then finally removing all of that time within a short time after completing for a nice crisp edge.

The only thing left is stepping back and admiring the great work you’ve done!

Oh, and if you don’t have the time, patience or physical ability to do this yourself, Saturday Savers can do this for you! Combine this with other repair and maintenance jobs on your list and get a quote from us here.