Frequently Asked Questions

Between our skilled technicians and our established relationships with vendors, we can handle nearly any task you can throw at us. Let us be your one stop shop for all your home, rental and business repair or upgrade needs. Contact us today for a quote!

We charge based on an hourly rate that varies depending on the type and scope of the work required. A minimum charge may apply and the more tasks you bundle together into one trip the better. Any purchases made are in addition to this charge. Feel free to contact us for our pricing!

We are happy to provide an estimate for you! The more information and detail we have, the better and more accurate our estimate will be. You can help by providing as many photos, measurements, and specific details as you can when requesting a quote. Some jobs may require a technician to access the site for an inspection in order to complete a quote. If this is the case, we will let you know and schedule a time to complete the onsite estimate.

Yes, we can! We are happy to give you an estimate with a breakdown of labor and material costs as applicable, and no work will be completed until you have approved this estimate and given us the go ahead. Contact us today!

Yes, we do! You can see many examples of what we do by visiting our projects page. If you want to reach out to talk with a reference feel free to contact us and we can give you the names of a few of our amazing clients.

Yes! We are licensed, bonded and insured in the state of Arizona. Our ROC# 184847.  Learn more about us.

We typically work M-F 8am to 5pm. We can work evenings and Saturdays if needed or required and scheduled ahead of time. If emergency or last-minute services are required there may be an additional charge. Contact us to learn more.

This is totally dependent on the job type and requirements. When an estimate is sent, we will estimate the time to complete the listed tasks. This is subject to change depending on job circumstances that may arise. Feel free to send your list for a pricing quote

We do not charge a specific trip charge for picking up materials unless additional trips become necessary due to customer change requests. The time requirement may be added to the overall cost. Please contact us for more detailed information on your requirements.

For parts that we purchase for you, there is a 30% markup to cover costs associated with the purchase. Feel free to contact us for specific details on pricing.

Unfortunately, there are times where after starting a job we run into an issue or find the work to be more extensive than previously thought. When this happens, we will be upfront and clear about the extent of the concern and work with you to determine the best course of action to move forward. We will not do work without your approval so clear communication on both sides is necessary. Contact us today to get your project started!

Yes! Our work comes with a 30-day guarantee on labor and any manufacturer’s warranty that applies to parts. Learn more about us and our services.

We are bonded and insured and take full responsibility for any damages that occur to the property due to our fault or negligence. If the damage occurs with normal usage due to age or current condition and not due to negligence or fault on our part, this is not covered by us, but we are happy to help fix it per your request. For more information please feel free to contact us today.

Our technicians do most of the work, but due to specialties, some tasks may require a subcontractor to perform. We have long-standing relationships with our subcontractors and have personally vetted them to be sure they will represent our expectations for quality, efficiency, and integrity. Learn more about us.

All invoices are due immediately and should be paid in full within 30 days to avoid late fees. For most jobs, payment will be due upon completion and can be paid directly to the technician through the service app, or online through your customer portal. A link to your customer portal will be sent via email and/or text and here you can see all previous and current work, pay invoices and request additional work. Contact us in case you have any additional questions.

For larger and multi-stage jobs, payment may be taken according to completion of larger tasks or stages such as flooring, painting, etc. All information is kept secure and accessible in your customer portal so you can quickly see what has been completed and any open invoices that need to be paid.