On a recent home makeover show, the homeowner was completely stressed out when she was asked to make a decision about her cabinet hardware for her kitchen and bathroom.

Seems pretty simple, right?

Aesthetic of the Hardware

cabinet hardwareHere’s the thing – the hardware needs to match the overall design concept otherwise it will look out of place.  You want everything to be cohesive.

Sometimes what’s trendy isn’t right for your home or property’s aesthetic. You have to consider the age, era and style of the exterior of your home as well as the interior design direction.  Putting ultra modern and colorful hardware in an very traditional home and design with make it look like there was a mistake made.

And with the popularity of remodeling skyrocketing due to the increase in home prices, choosing the right hardware gains more importance. Especially when you may be selling or renting your home further down the road.

Replacement Hardware Size

Did you know that not all hardware is sized the same, so the holes that were on your cabinets previously may not work for your new hardware.

You may also want to change the placement.

To make it work, you’ll need to fill, repaint and re-drill new holes. If your cabinets are stained, you may just need to find hardware that is sized the same for best results.

Other Things to Consider When Replacing Cabinet Hardware
  • What is it made of – metal, acrylic, wood, ceramic?
  • Color – nickel, brass, gold, black, white, clear, multi-color
  • Texture/Finish – smooth, brushed, knobby, natural
  • Use – high use or not often, kitchen cupboard (high use) or bathroom storage (low use).  The higher the use, it has to be stronger, have a more function design and make sure the hardware is easy to keep clean.
  • Placement – in the middle of the cabinet or drawer, or on the top or bottom, and where does the hardware look good and best meet the functionality needs.
  • Space – if its in a high traffic area, like on a kitchen lower cabinet by the sink or stove, you’ll want to choose hardware that doesn’t catch on clothing or other items, or have pointy ends for little ones to hurt themselves on.
  • Price – beautiful and functional hardware options come in all price points now. From highly crafted at a price point to match or more standard options at lower price points. You can find great options at your price point and remember to add it into your overall remodeling budget.
  • Where to purchase – you can purchase hardware at your local hardware store, big box store, home design businesses or from your favorite online retailer at all different price points.

You don’t need to leave your home to make a purchase anymore – just pay attention to the details in the description so you match all of the considerations listed above.

And if your strength is in design and not so much in the actual work of replacing the hardware, particularly if you are changing the size or where they will be placed on existing cabinets, then we can do it for you!

Just get a quote here, and be sure to include all of those other little things on your list to get the best hourly rate!