3 Tips to Make a List

Have you ever had someone come to make repairs at your home and then realize that 5 more things needed to be taken care of?

make a list repairsThen the handyman tells you that he can’t squeeze them in because he has to move on to the next project since not enough time was allotted for extras.

How frustrating!

To avoid that happening again, be sure to make a list of all of the projects that need to be done. Here are 3 easy tips to make it complete:

  1. Take the time to go through your house and note all of the things that need to be done. Be sure to include others in the house in this process because they may see or experience things that you don’t.
  2. Mark which ones are immediate, which ones can wait and which ones are just on your wish list.
  3. Get a quote from us.  We can see how much your immediate needs are, and how much it would be to add on more time for the “wait” items, because it just might be that you can squeeze a few of those in too!

Did you know that if you book more hours, the discount is greater?

Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of that?!

It also helps to consider things that would go together, or be could more easily done together.

For instance, let’s say you need to replace window trim (because your best fido buddy scratched them all up) and you need to paint the room, repair the light fixture and you want to replace window treatments and blinds. And oh yes, fix that off the rails closet door too!

Oops-you just noticed the door handle made a hole in the wall.  Add that in too!

Those things could all be grouped together so we are in that room one time to take care of it all.

Once we are done, you can check those things on your list as “done” and will feel like the room is totally refreshed.

So contact us for a quote today!

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