So many things to do to get ready for Thanksgiving – including home repairs!

Whether you’re hosting the Thanksgiving dinner or having family come to visit, you want to make sure all of those pesky little honey-do’s are done.

But there is so many other things you’d rather be doing! Football games alone can take up your whole weekend. Wouldn’t you prefer to have your Saturdays to do the things you want to do?!

Let us help save your Saturdays!

Make a list of all of those projects:

  • painting
  • plumbing
  • changing fixtures and cabinets
  • drywall patch and repairs
  • finishing out a spare room or making it into a more useful space since the kids are gone
  • sticky doors and cabinets
  • drawers that don’t work right
  • tile repairs
  • backsplash change outs
  • changing out and upgrading outlets

A lot of those projects require special tools and supplies.  Are you prepared to spend the extra money just to get a small job done? And then there’s the prep to make sure you do the job right.

Why not just schedule some hours to get them all done while you are enjoying your time doing other things.

Saturday Savers is a trusted repair service that helps homeowners and rental property owners save their Saturdays by doing the repair and small remodeling projects for you!