There are some repairs that are so annoying that they get to a point that you just have to take action!

These are the squeaky, bumpy, trippy, splintery kids of things. Let’s take a look at 4 common annoying repairs:

Squeaky floors, doors, windows and stairs.

How many times have you tried to be quiet while someone is sleeping and experienced the squeaky floor or door. Perhaps it is your teenager trying to sneak in, or you just making a visit to the kitchen in the middle of the night, or while a baby is sleeping.

And every time you hear it, you think to yourself, “I really need to fix that!”

Bumpy stuff – shelves that stick out too far or interior doors that are in an inconvenient place.

How many times do you bump into the same things over and over because when they were originally installed, they weren’t located properly?

Perhaps it is:

  • kitchen shelves that are too close to a close traffic area
  • an extra bathroom  access door that could be closed off to create more space
  • a bedroom door that could be relocated to another wall

Wouldn’t it be nice to not have bruises in the same spots or have little ones keep bumping their heads? Sometimes the solution requires a skill set that you may not have, but we do!

Trippy stuff – Floor tiles that are loose or broken, carpet that may be torn, improper transitions from carpet to tile.

It usually happens when we are distracted or carrying something; you trip and barely catch yourself. Or worse yet, take a fall and perhaps break something. Why take this chance? Especially as we get older or have young ones around.

We can replace flooring and build new transitions to make your home more safe.

Splintery things – Cupboards, window frames, door trim, baseboard corners, drawers or handrails.

Simply annoying! And you’ll think about a splinter every time you grab or step near that area. Usually it is a pretty easy fix to repair or replace something that has splintered. Get some peace of mind back by taking care of these things soon.

Why not get rid of those annoying repairs? Contact us today for a quote!