Hey there, DIY enthusiasts! Are you looking to spruce up your bathroom without breaking the bank? One of the easiest changes you can make is replacing your old, worn-out toilet roll holder. Not only will it improve the functionality of your bathroom, but it can also add a touch of style. Let’s get started!

Replacing a toilet roll holder is really pretty easy! With a few basic tools and our simple instructions, you’ll have it done in no time. Let’s break it down step by step:

  1. Gather the necessary tools:Before you begin, ensure you have the following tools handy: a screwdriver (either flathead or Phillips, depending on your holder), a drill (if needed), screws, a level, and a measuring tape.
  2. Remove the old holder: Start by removing the existing holder. Most holders are attached using screws or brackets. Use your screwdriver to loosen and remove these screws, then carefully detach the holder from the wall. Now is the time to patch any holes or damage and put a fresh coat of paint on if needed.
  3. Measure and mark: Decide on the placement for your new holder. Use a measuring tape to ensure it’s at a comfortable height, generally around 20-30 inches from the floor. Mark the desired location on the wall.
  4. Prepare for installation: If the new holder requires additional holes, use a drill to create them at the marked spots. Make sure the holes are slightly smaller than the screws to ensure a snug fit.
  5. Install the new holder: Align the new holder with the holes and attach it to the wall using screws. Use a level to ensure it’s straight. Tighten the screws securely, but avoid overtightening to prevent damage.
Exploring Stylish Options for Your New Toilet Roll Holder

Now that you know the basics to replace a toilet roll holder, let’s dive into the fun part—choosing the right one for your bathroom style! Here are a few popular options to consider with links to see an option:

  1. Traditional Wall-Mounted Holder: This classic option features a straightforward design and is available in various finishes like chrome, brass, or brushed nickel. It complements both modern and traditional bathrooms.
  2. Freestanding Holder: Perfect for smaller bathrooms or those without wall space, freestanding holders are portable and come in various designs. They can be placed next to the toilet or anywhere else that’s convenient.
  3. Recessed Holder: If you prefer a sleek and minimalist look, a recessed holder is an excellent choice. Installed into the wall, it offers a clean and unobtrusive appearance while saving space. And there are lots of updated versions now that don’t just look like ones you had when you were growing up!
  4. Double or Multiple Holders: For busy households or larger bathrooms, consider double or multiple holders. These allow you to store extra rolls, ensuring you never run out at an inconvenient moment.
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